I am an Assistant Research Fellow at the Institute of Linguistics in Academia Sinica.

I obtained my PhD in Linguistics from the University of British Columbia.

I study the meaning of words and how they are used in contexts. My work combines fieldwork and theory. More specifically, my research interests lie mainly in the area of semantics and its interaction with (morpho-)syntax and pragmatics, with a focus on cross-linguistic variation.

My major fieldwork language is Atayal, an understudied and endangered Austronesian language spoken in Northern Taiwan – also known as a Formosan language; I have recently started working on other Formosan languages: Bunun and Paiwan. I also had the experience to explore some languages outside Austronesian through fieldmethod classes: Blackfoot (Algonquian) and Tlingit (Na-Dene).

My dissertation is about tense, aspect, and modality in Atayal, where I address interesting issues including non-culminating accomplishments, forms tangled up several aspectual categories, the status of “tense” in a morphologically tenseless language, modals without duals and modal strength, and temporal interpretation of modals relating to syntactic height, etc. See my defence slides and my dissertation for more details.

Recent news

  • 13th Workshop on Formal Syntax and Semantics (FOSS 13), Oct. 16–17, 2020